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Big Face

A big face is not normally the most attractive thing you could either have or say to someone else. It indicates your face is abnormally large, and nobody wants to be abnormally anything. But in this case, in the Big Face 3D T-Shirts & Clothing The Mountain case, you want to be a big face, because these big faces rule.

The other interesting thing about the big face t-shirt phenomenon is because it goes big, they’re impossible not to recognize, comment upon, and thus be a topic of conversation. You want to stand out, go big, big like the Big Face 3D T-Shirts & Clothing The Mountain. This shirt goes so big that our New York warehouse has had to expand! Ok, we got you on that one, that didn’t happen, these shirts are the same size of every other shirt, but they appear bigger, because they got super, giant, maximum size faces! Freak out!

Big Face